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Dear Jill,

I've been trying to carve feathers on my ducks for about two years now. I just couldn't grasp the technique of doing it properly. I purchased your ebook three weeks ago and what a difference it has made in my carving. Even my carving buddies thought I had bought the duck that I've just finished. There was such an improvement in my feather carving that they wouldn't believe that I did it myself.

I thank you for putting out such an easy to follow, straight to the point ebook.


Scott Johnson,
Buffalo, New York


I live miles away from any carving instructors. When I saw your ebook for sale, I said "what the heck". Well let me tell you, it is the best investment that I have made for carving. I now have an instructor right here with me, night and day.

Thank you,

J. Watson,
Quebec, Canada

Dear Ms. Ellis,

What a Godsend your ebook is!
I'm a bit slow when it comes to grasping what an instructor is talking about when I'm taking a course. I've always felt that I'm being left behind because of this. By having your ebook, I don't feel this way anymore. It's like having an instructor with me 24 hours a day. I've gotten more out of your ebook than going to several carving courses, and at a small fraction of the cost. Where were you when I first started carving?

Yours truly,

Ted Cobey,
California, U.S.A.


Great ebook! Best birthday present I've ever received.

T.G. Wicks
Ontario, Canada


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